2226640 - CB&Q END DOOR BOXCAR #48520

2226640 - CB&Q END DOOR BOXCAR #48520


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Equipped for hauling automobiles or other large loads, end door boxcars offered a railroad's customers more versatility in loading or unloading. Cars of this design were relatively common from the 1930s to the 1960s when larger cars and multi-level auto-racks came onto the scene. Cars only had doors at one end and often had to be turned for loading or unloading - an extra challenge for model railroad operations.


  • Die-cast trucks and operating couplers with hidden tabs
  • Opening side and end doors
  • Separately applied detail parts



      • Rail Line: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
      • Road Number: 48520
      • Gauge: O Gauge 
      • Min Curve: O31
      • Dimensions: Length: 14"
      • Most Recent Catalog: 2022 Big Book

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