30-76563 - 50' Flat Car w/(1) S Gauge Reefer Car - Pennsylvania (2016 TCA Ft. Pitt Fundraiser) Car No.1977 Marsh Wheeling Stoogies Reefer Car


  • $110.00

A Dilemma In Railroad History From 1850-1900 ʻNarrow Gaugeʼ railroads flourished in the U.S. Less expensive to build, the lighter construction of cars and track, steeper grades and tighter curves opened up areas difficult for standard gauge railroads to reach. Though most fans identify narrow gauge with the west, Pennsylvania boasted over three-dozen lines, including Waynesburg & Washington, East Broad Top, and Castle Shannon & Pittsburgh. The Dilemma: How do you deliver a ʻnarrow gaugeʼ car from the manufacturer to its land-locked ʻnarrow gaugeʼ buyer? The Solution: Ship the car or locomotive on a ʻstandard gaugeʼ flat car to an interchange point.

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